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who we are

TeeVee Networks Limited, a UK media and media technology business, currently with a staff compliment of approximately 80 staff, which should grow to around 300 within the next year. operating globally with its primary business domiciles located in the United Kingdom, United States and China, conducting business across three complimentary sectors, namely:

  • media production
  • media curation, aggregation and distribution
  • media technology enabling compression, digital rights management and over the top distribution

Privately held and established in 2013, to forge an investment holding company for the shareholders media rights, patents and technologies , with the production business being established in 1992 in the United States and the Technology business being established in 2008, combined with a strong leadership team, combining experience in media, cable, internet technology, and entrepreneurship, the objective was to create a company that would, in time, not only catch up, but also surpass the current leaders in the IPTV space such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Vimeo as well as go head to head with technologies from the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Intel. Confident that we have reached a level where we can compete in the market place with our content rights, media technology and infrastructure, we are now ready to launch our flagship product - TeeVee



While we finalise and conifgure a few essential processes to best support our clients when we launch our new product TEEVEE, we encourage you to drop us a request or inquiry - even if it is a wish for a feature. We would love to here from you.

United Kingdom

  • 1 Tudor Street, London, EC4Y OAH
  • +44 207 993 2466

United States

  • 2580 Westbelt Drive, Columbus, Ohio, 43228-3827
  • +1 614 285 3901